UPVC windows carlowHow Ashford UPVC Doors and Windows has transformed County Carlow

If you are a property owner or a resident of County Carlow, it is possible that you are seeking to change the face of your assets. Ashford UPVC Windows and Doors is your ultimate choice when it comes to contractors as we are the best in the business. UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This simply goes to show that our products are made of rigid and strong materials that are quite safe, stable and durable.

Our popularity as contractors has risen over the years mainly due our quality services. UPVC’s have remained the predominant products in our disposal and we have never gone wrong using them. We are a team of dedicated service providers whose first concern is your satisfaction. This we ensure by properly installing doors and windows that are tough and durable.

Tough and Durable

UPVC is known for its durability and longevity. It is for this reason that it is able to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions and still stay in good quality after many years of use. Our team of experts tests the doors and windows at our disposal before installation. We do this to ensure that they have the ultraviolet resistance capacity that shields them from the harsh sun of County Carlow. The testing also ensures that they are strong enough and will not fade over time due to adverse weather.

Low Maintenance

It is not economical to spend a lot on installing doors and windows and still have to suffer more cost every other time in maintenance. To curb this, we install UPVC door and window frames that do not require any special treatment to last. You don’t have to paint or put any seals once we are through with our work. Water and inexpensive detergents are all you will ever need to maintain the brand new look of your home or office.

Corrosion-resistant and able to withstand harsh weather

The high Tensile strength of UPVC helps maintain the quality of our door and window frames. They provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to a variety of aggressive substances. The Cyclone components in our products are not only environment friendly, but also not vulnerable to water damage or humid environments in general. UPVC will not degenerate like wooden materials in the face of water as there is no infiltration. In addition, our various designs have been fitted with weep holes to facilitate easy drainage thus promoting the sustainability of our doors and windows.

Comfort and Variety

UPVC Windows and Doors are non-conductors of heat. This will ensure that the frames of your doors and windows do not transfer heat, which in turn contributes to more consistent temperature levels in your property, ensuring your comfort. The popularity of our UPVC products has also led to the birth of doors and windows with different colours, sizes and shapes.

Our reach in County Carlow extends to;

  • Carlow town
  • Tullow
  • Bagenalstown
  • Bunclody
  • Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch
  • Rathvilly
  • Leighlinbridge
  • Ballon
  • Borris
  • Hacketstown
  • Tinryland
  • Ballinabrannagh
  • Fennagh
  • Palatine
  • Rathtoe
  • Myshall
  • Clonegal
  • Kernanstown
  • Kildavin

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