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At Ashford UPVC Windows and Doors, we understand the occasional need to remodel your property. Boasting a presence in County Kilkenny, we ensure that our services are near you and readily available upon demand. Windows and doors take up to 20% of the total investment on your home or commercial premises. This percentage may look low compared to the remaining 80% but is actually not. Dilapidated doors and windows can drastically reduce the value and appearance of your property. However, investing in beautiful UPVC doors and windows of different styles and sizes can greatly boost the value of these assets. At Ashford UPVC Windows and Doors, we take it upon ourselves to give your property this advantage. We stock and only install the best with precision and a keen eye for an amazing outcome.

The main reason we choose to deal will UPVC products is because of their robust cores that are made of galvanised steel. This property makes our doors and windows stronger than wood, which has been in use for ages. If you need to upgrade your property to either raise its value or just offer a facelift, it helps to be wise in choosing the best contractors for the job. At Ashford UPVC Windows and Doors, we have a reputation for great work. We are a certified company with a team of dedicated service providers who do not rest until your work is satisfactorily completed.

Choosing our UPVC products and settling for us as your contractors of choice comes with the following benefits;


UPVC doors and windows have a tendency to stand out among other materials. This is due to their variety of colours, shapes, textures and sizes. These materials will enable us to transform your property into a graceful spectacle. For all your interior and exterior door and window needs, you will be able to acquire that unique touch you have always craved. Of late, UPVC products are being customised to look like oak or cherry wood and this option can enable you gain that elegant appearance of a traditional wooden door. This will enhance the quality of your property and at the same time enable it to last for years.

Energy Efficiency

The energy saving ability of UPVC doors and window frames is admirable. Our products have the capacity to keep your property warm during the winter. They also help regulate temperatures during the summer to ensure your comfort. UPVC products offer more thermal insulation than their wooden counterparts.


UPVC doors and windows are inexpensive to maintain. They do not rot; neither are they corrosive so they cannot get affected by coastal and tropical climates. You therefore don’t need to keep changing them after installation. The fact that UPVC is not affected by humid conditions extends its longevity. This makes the material superior to other products as it can last for decades.

Ashford UPVC Doors and Windows serve the following areas of County Kilkenny;

  • Kilkenny city
  • Goresbridge
  • Thomastown
  • Bennettsbridge

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