Fascia and Soffit Replacement

Ashford Windows and Doors uses Freefoam (one of the top fascia and soffit brands in Ireland) to provide high quality finishes and appearance for residential houses. The common problem that homeowners face when it comes to roof soffit and fascia is rotting brought about by water damage. We make it our responsibility to restore the beautiful and strong soffits and fascia for our clients no matter how badly damaged the existing ones are.

Not everyone understands the difference between guttering, soffits, and fascia, let alone how best to repair or replace them without causing damage to the roof. When you choose us to replace or repair existing soffits and fascia, or want an expert to carry out an installation on a new house construction, our trained and experienced roofing experts will take the time to inspect the extent of the damage then ascertain the cause of the damage to ensure that the new installation will last long.

Because soffits are often at risk of water damage, especially from ice damming during the cold season and overflowing gutters when it rains, it is imperative that any repair involve the clearing of the cause of damage. Whether the roof drip edge that empties water into the gutters is damaged or missing, we will go the extra mile to ensure that it is fixed to prevent renewed rotting of the fascia board when the new replacement is installed or the damaged part repaired.

Choose from a wide selection of colours

The Freefoam fascia and soffit brand we use comes in twelve different colours. This means no matter how well you want the repaired or replaced fascia and soffits to match the overall theme of the house or of the roof, there is always a complementing colour to choose from. If the damaged sections of the timber are rotten or eaten away by insects, we will remove them all and replace everything with treated timber to ensure that your roofline is properly protected from the damaging elements and stays visually appealing.

In cases where your gutter is blocked or damaged and is responsible for the rotting of fascia and soffit wood, leave it to us to diagnose the problem and come up with expert recommendations such as complete replacement or simple unblocking. We come with attractive molded gutters that will not only complement the colour and type of your house and roof but also the appearance and quality of your new fascia and soffits.

At Ashford Doors and Windows, we stand behind the work our expert installers do. Because they share the company policy of quality and timely service that exceeds customer expectation, you can be sure that they will leave your house looking and feeling like brand new. Whether you have had an eyesore on your roof that you have avoided dealing with for ages because you are unsure how a replacement works or are just worried that a new installation may cost more than you can afford, you should not worry any more. Give us a call today and talk to an expert to get a quote and even schedule an inspection.