Front & Back Doors

Doors serve a critical purpose in the functionality of your home and its aesthetic value. If you are not happy with how your door looks or if it does not function as effectively as it is supposed to, the professionals at Ashford Doors and Windows are here to help. Not only will we enhance the functionality and security of your front and back doors, but we will also help you save energy and boost the security of your home in general.

Ashford Doors and Windows offers personalised high quality door installation, replacement, and repairs to any homeowner looking to upgrade or fix a broken internal or external door. Whether you are looking for a personalized service to fit a non-standard mahogany back door or want an experienced expert to upgrade the security lock of your front UPVC front door, we are the experts to call.

We specialise in offering dependable services for all kinds of front and back house doors. Our licensed and experienced technicians listen to the needs of each individual client, carry out detailed scrutiny of the task at hand and provide expert advice that helps save the client time and money.
When you come to us to have your front or back doors installed or restored, you can have confidence in our technicians because they share the company policy of exceeding client expectations. Our most popular front and back door services include:

Door Installation

Proper installation of a door is crucial to its longevity, security and functionality. It is important that your front and back doors are properly sealed, ensuring that no squeaky hinges, unnecessary air gaps or scratches and dents are present when the job is done.

Door Replacement

Do you want to replace your wooden front door with a modern glass entry type? Or perhaps you wish to replace a damaged steel door with a brand new UPVC door, or swap the patio door with new storm door.

Worry not, for Ashford Doors and Windows have the expertise, tools, and experts to ensure that the replacement is done as per specifications, on time, and within budget. Even if you are replacing a custom-made front or back door, trust our crew to have all the tools and replacement parts required to make sure that your expectations are exceeded.

Door Repairs

Is your front or back door cracked, squeaky, or jammed? Do not put off essential repairs because this will only cost you more in the long run.
Our team is experienced in installation, disassembly and repair of all kinds of doors including swinging and sliding varieties, security and patio types, wooden and UPVC doors, as well as steel and glass doors.

Security Features

Experts advise that you get a professional to analyse and even upgrade the state of your front and back door security systems regularly. Ashford is a tech-savvy company conversant with all the latest door security and anti-burglary systems. Talk to us today and to get expert advice and service personalised according to your needs at any time.