Patio Doors

Family owned and operated since 2004, Ashford UPVC Doors and Windows specialises in repairing existing and installing new sliding glass patio doors. We are the premier patio door repair and installation experts renowned for providing swift and exceptional services. Whether your sliding glass patio door has a worn out aluminium track with dips that make closing the door a pain or the glass has a crack and needs replacement, we are the people to call.

Time to Replace Your Patio Door?

With time and normal use, the rollers and tracks of a sliding patio door can wear and tear, getting damaged in the process. It is also normal for the lock to become worn out or damaged after some time of use.

No matter how old or frequently used your patio door is, we at Ashford UPVC Doors and Windows use a proven inspection and repair technique designed to save you money, time, and pain. Our experts will examine the entire patio door and all the mechanisms to establish trouble areas and the parts that are likely to cause further problems before furnishing you with a report.

After inspection, we only recommend repairs and necessary replacements to restore the efficient working of your patio door. Our extensive service guarantees that the door will be in a new working condition whether it needs standard or custom-made parts to restore it.

Your home should be a comfortable and easy place to live in. However, when you have to struggle to open or close your sliding patio door, being at home becomes less fun. Rather than spend a lot of money replacing the door, consider calling Ashford UPVC Doors and Windows experts to examine it and determine where the fault is. You will save a lot of money on repair services which are a fraction of the cost of replacing the door. If your door is difficult to move, we can quickly repair it by replacing the worn track or changing the rollers.

Our Services

Patio Door Repair

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the services we offer to the quality of materials and parts we use. Our patio door repair services cover:

  • Roller and track repair & installation
  • Screen door, sliding glass and window adjustments
  • Glass repair, installation and replacement
  • Repair and replacement of latches, handles and levers etc.
  • Guides, brackets, bumpers, etc
  • Security locks and Charlie bars, etc
  • Custom screen doors
  • Patio door trimmings, refurbishments and reversals.
  • Various track, roller, and screen upgrades
  • Screen door and sunscreen installation
  • Child safety device installation

When you need a professional to get your sliding patio door rolling like new again, you cannot go wrong choosing Ashford UPVC Doors and Windows. We are your best choice for all services ranging from new installation and repairs to restoration and replacements. This is because we not only have over 10 years’ experience in a wide range of patio door services but also because our servicemen are trained, licensed, and fully insured to give you confidence as you entrust your home to us.