UPVC Windows

We understand that your home is one of the most valuable assets you posses. Choosing the kind of windows to install is therefore a decision you should take time to think about. UPVC windows are the ultimate choice throughout Ireland. These are low maintenance Unplasticised windows resistant to water, scratch and fire. At Ashford UPVC windows, we have established a great reputation in the installation, repair and even replacement of a variety of UPVC window types. No matter the nature of your window, the state it is in (whether worn out or damaged), we are the team to give you a complete makeover in your desired style.

Casement Windows

This type of window has longer dimensions on its sides than at the width. It is hinged on its sides and opens outwards. You can choose whether to have it open to the left or to the right, where it gives a maximized view free of obstructions. All locking points can be actuated from the same handle thus making it easy to use. You will also appreciate having the window customized into the style you like.

Double & Triple Glazing UPVC Windows

At Ashford UPVC Windows and Doors, we are keen on all details and specifications that you request as a client. With the use of tough durable UPVC materials, we ensure that you get the most durable and energy-efficient products for your home or business premises. From double to triple-glazed windows, we offer products that are easy to maintain, secure, noise-free and resistant from adverse weather.

Tilt and Turn Windows

These are among our most superior designs. The windows are engineered to perform better than most types of out there. They are aimed at giving your home that much desired touch of style. We bank heavily on our expertise to produce robust and quality products. Apart from opening and closing your window, the tilt and turn operation will help you ensure that your house is protected against air, water from rains and undesirable noise from the outside. This kind of window is most suitable if you have limited space. It is resistant to molds, reduces condensation and secures your house from unauthorized entry.

Bay Windows

If your desire is to capture the stunning views around your home, create space for window seats or have the maximum light getting into your room, then this is your ideal choice. You can have it customized in the desired angle bays to accommodate your concept. You can fit a chair right on its angles to maximise on the beautiful display it gives. The space under the seats can be used as a storage area.

Vertical Sliding Windows

Unlike timber sash windows that might get stuck on exposure to some weather elements, these UPVC units are meant to serve you better. Extra attention is paid to ensure elegance and style. We also have your safety in mind during installation.

Our quality output has put us on the front row in the market. Your ideas are brought to life by our team of experts whose experience provides for a great result.